[Interludes After Midnight] - Blockhead

'Never Forget Your Token' - Blockhead

'Meet You at Tower Records' - Blockhead

'Ghosts of Barry Mill' - Brother Sun, Sister Moon

'Spurious Love' - Giardini di Mirò

'Good Luck' - Giardini di Mirò

'Eight Avenue' - Hospitality

'Sweetness in Her Spark' - Lightships

'Strangers' - Lotus Plaza

아... 내 좋아하는 Lotus Plaza의 신보가 나왔다.

'Out of Touch' - Lotus Plaza

한 곡 더.
Lotus Plaza 신보가 나왔는데 한 곡으론 아쉽지.

'Lisboa' - Mount Washington

'Slow' - Pompeya

'Trying to Please' - the Spyrals

'Floating in Blue' - Young Prisms

신보가 나왔구만.

'Four Hours (Away)' - Young Prisms

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